Outcomes Leader’s focus We will…

Southampton is a city with strong and sustainable economic growth

Homes for all


  1. Build at least 1000 council owned homes to rent in the next 5 years.
  2. Establish our own house-building factory.
  3. Explore subsidised bus pass provision and support for women denied fair access to their pensions by Government
  4. Building forward plans to regenerate large sections of our city centre creating 4000 homes, leisure and job opportunities
  5. Building a state-of-the-art Leisure and Health hub at Bitterne precinct
  6. Renew the HMO licence scheme in the cnetral wards and bring long-term empty homes back into use

Children and young people in Southampton get a good start in life



  1. Help Care Leavers’ start into independent living by exempting them from Council Tax
  2. Continue to invest in council play parks starting with Mansel Park, Riverside Park and Veracity Ground

People in Southampton live safe, healthy, independent lives

Rebuilding communities


  1. Complete the citywide programme of fitting sprinklers to all council high-rise blocks
  2. Launch our own council owned energy company (CitizEn) and reinvest profits into alleviating fuel poverty
  3. Tackle air pollution with a range of environmental measures
  4. Increase investment in advice services for those most impacted by the Government’s benefit changes
  5. Sign up to UNISON’s Ethical Care and Residential Care Charters
  6. Ensure Southampton remains a welcoming city to our many diverse communities and support the zero-tolerance approach to hate crime.

Southampton is an attractive, modern city where people are proud to live and work

Clean and green


  1. Invest in an improved pothole repair service
  2. Increase spending on roads and pavement resurfacing
  3. Invest an extra £400,000 in street cleaning
  4. Press neighbouring councils to expand the County’s recycling facilities and allow a wider range of materials to be recycles
  5. Invest in Christmas lights in Shirley, Portswood and Woolston

A modern sustainable council

Southampton Pound


  1. Increase the number of local apprenticeship opportunities in the council and with organisations where we have contracts