Key Cities Meeting

Cities & the Environment

The Key Cities Meeting will be led by Southampton City Council and hosted at the University of Southampton on Thursday, 21st February 2019.

Key Cities represents mid-sized population group of cities who came together in 2013 to share similar strengths and similar challenges, addressed through the four priorities of a Manifesto for Growth. The Key Cities Group, share knowledge and develop solutions appropriate for their cities. It is with respect to this that Southampton City Council and the University of Southampton have come together to support the vision of the Key Cities in debating and sharing knowledge related to environmental challenges faced by cities as a whole.

In particular, Southampton City as the holder of the Key Cities Environment Portfolio, is planning an event entitled Cities and the Environment to be held at the University of Southampton in February 2019. The event will bring together Key Cities environment leads, academics, industrialist and also other local and national government representatives.

The Key Cities Meeting will also encompass participants from UKCRIC – UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities – which is a £138m national initiative for coordinated research in infrastructure and urban systems. UKCRIC is seeking to co-develop and deliver a set of research Missions to support infrastructure projects against national / international strategies including those owned by cities.

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List of speakers of the event. 

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Partners of the Cities and the Environment Conference:

Southampton City Council

Energy and Climage Change Division

Key Cities